Web and graphic design expert with over 20 years experience designing, implementing, and supporting interactive web sites and applications. Experienced in project management, Web design, e-commerce, systems analysis, troubleshooting, and quality control. Demonstrated success in motivating, coaching, and leading technical design teams to achieve results. Consistently recognized for completing projects on time and within budget.


Management expertise – includes project definition, coordination, troubleshooting, and on-time delivery. Inspire teams to excel by personal commitment to excellence and quality.

Customer relations – work closely with customers during initial needs assessment, build consensus using visual prototypes, and follow up to ensure satisfaction.

Innovative creativity – applying touches of flash to spark visual interest and encourage continued exploration of Web content. Ability to create award-winning designs.

Technical expertise – knowledge of web-based technologies and advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS, XML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, Drupal, WordPress, JavaScript, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office Suite, Axure, 3D Studio Max, Windows and OS, website analytics platforms including reporting, analysis and presentation of findings, as well as best practices for analysis such as A/B and multi-variant testing.

Excellence Spheres

  • Creative Strategy
  • CME Programs
  • Organization & Planning
  • Team Leadership
  • Sound Decision Making
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Instruction / Training / Presentations
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


University of Phoenix

Creative Director,


  • Spearhead the design and development of the overall architecture for EDU web site and microsites
  • Responsible for developing and implementing the organizational and informational design of web pages and/or sites utilizing a variety of techniques and tools to include, but not limited to, interface/user experience (UI/UX) and graphic user interface (GUI) features.
  • Improve overall user experience 45 percentage points on by redesigning major components and eliminating redundancy
  • Analyze design challenges and redesign components to optimize data communication, improve the overall user experience, and increase conversion while decreasing bounce rates
  • Design and develop complex information and user interface features, site animation, and special-effects elements to enhance the look and feel of web site and increase the target audience’s ability to locate pertinent information
  • Restructure complex and/or interactive content and arrange it in a format that flows logically and can be understood intuitively by the user
  • Facilitate access to, and presentation of, information within web and mobile environments
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to ensure strategies and goals are incorporated throughout all phases of website design and construction
  • Manage web content and design to ensure acceptable organizational standards are met
  • Train less experienced web design staff to orient them and increase their understanding of complex web design issues
  • Design and photograph the 2016 “I Believe In ____” marketing campaign
  • Act as a team leader on complex projects


Discovery Channel CME

Creative Director – Web, Web Designer

2006 – 2015

  • Managed the design and workflow for the Discovery Channel CME website. Supervised the construction of thousands of new pages of content, launched hundreds of original CME and educational videos, updated podcasts on health and medicine from physicians, medical journals, and articles, as well as improved the overall visitor experience through design changes and feature upgrades using relevant and current technologies.
  • Executed a complete redesign of the CME website, which allowed for a streamlined experience for both visitors and administrators, improving overall web presence and user experience
  • Spearheaded the creation of a sister website to regulate and manage continuing medical education credits for medical professionals, which resulted in:
    • Managed relationships with over 40,000 medical professionals
    • Augmented short form videos and interactive media
    • The new user platform was a key factor in new user signups increasing over 700% in 5 years, increasing user retention to over 96%, and increasing successive program participation from under 5% to over 90%
  • Produced interactive, educational videos and web movies to attract, entertain, and maintain visitor retention, recurrence, frequency and reach
  • Assessed CME website front and back end for functionality, usability, expandability, and design aesthetics
  • Innovated the overall function and experience of Discovery Channel CME through assessment of the structure of the business as a whole
  • Supervised multiple creative teams, concurrently, ensuring that projects were delivered in a timely manner, in coordination with the company’s needs and specifications, and without compromise
  • Advanced the standards of care and kept abreast of the healthcare / medical field with a keen focus on delivering the highest-quality CME
  • Initiated research phases and new web technology sampling in an effort to maximize the latest innovations, achieve increased efficiency, and provide highest quality products for the clients
  • Collected, analyzed, interpreted, and delivered quantitative and qualitative data, relative analytics, and subjective information to help understand and improve users’ experience with programming content and online experience
  • Implemented custom survey design as a new tool, providing CME an improved way to reach and collect data from targeted and general audiences; developed unique online build and delivery options, and also provided made-to-order reporting presenting real-world useable data allowing for focused improvements resulting in an overall user satisfaction increase from 85% to over 95%
  • Expert in email, advertisement, and logo design

TLC & Planet Green

Web Designer

2007 – 2008 

  • Implemented Web-based project management tools to coordinate the activities of a distributed team and present real-time progress reports
  • Determined and translated expectations into precise specifications for development team in order to clarify project deliverables, define schedule, and assign tasks
  • Created interactive webpages for groundbreaking television shows


  • Prior to 2006, worked as a freelance consultant providing professional services in the areas of web design, graphic design, computer and network setup and installation, and video production.


English & Psychology
University of Vermont
1997 – 2001


Internet Information Server setup/configuration, Web Site Management, Directory Security SSL, PHP, ASP, ADO, COM/DCOM, TCP/IP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, VB Script, JavaScript

Excellent references available upon request